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Education program – nursing home assistant
(according to § 87b section 3 of the Social Security Code (SGB) XI relating to the qualification and responsibilities of additional care personnel in nursing homes)
(financial support from the Agentur für Arbeit/Arge is possible with an education voucher)

Target group: unemployed men and women entitled to an education voucher.

Requirements: interest in dealing with people in need of nursing care, good social skills, capacity for empathy.

Objectives: Acquiring qualifications for the care of elderly patients with dementia.

Qualification: AFI-certificate.

Aims: In this course you will acquire recognized qualifications and specialized skills for the assistance and care of patients with dementia. This qualifies you to work as a care-giver in nursing homes or similar social institutions. Our course will prepare you for a wide range of situations and responsibilities. Life expectancy is continuously increasing in our society, and there is a growing need for nursing care practitioners who specialize in dealing with patients incapacitated by dementia.

Course content:

Section 1: Communication and legal basics (160 lesson units)

  • discussion skills
    • communication
    • conflict management
    • biography work
  • legal basics
    • nursing care insurance
    • the Patient Decree
    • guardianship laws
  • the elderly
    • the ageing process
    • the psychiatry of old age
    • grief and depression

Section 2: Anatomy and Etiology (160 lesson units)

  • human anatomy
  • geriatrics and care for the elderly
  • physical diseases of the elderly
  • types and degrees of dementia
  • caring for patients with dementia

Section 3: Help in every-day tasks, leisure activities, and professional situations (160 lesson units)

  • animating the patient and structuring every-day life
  • personal hygiene
  • age appropriate nutrition, professional situations and networks
  • preparation and follow up work

Section 4: internship at a nursing care facility (160 lesson units)

  • application and practice

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