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Tutoring at the AFI
Make use of State support!
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AFI Private Akademie für Informatik
Allersberger Straße 56 90461 Nürnberg
Mo – Fr: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tel.0800 234 9 234 (freecall)
Don’t throw your money away!
Our highly qualified teachers will:
- help with homework
- give additional lessons
- provide caring guidance
TUTORING in small groups for all subjects and all levels of schooling, as well as guidance for homework. From 5,00 €/lesson. Tutoring is supported financially by the State for families in need.

What is the „Bildungspaket“
For Education and Participation according to §6 Bundeskindergeldgesetz BKGG
Who is eligible for the Education and Participation program?
All parents and single parents who receive either "Kindergeldzuschlag" or "Wohngeld" are entitled to the benefits of the Education and Participation program.
Which benefits does this programme provide?
  1. One-day excursions and multiple-day class trips for schools and day-nurseries (Kita): Official expenses will be reimbursed. e.g. the entrance fee for a museum, the travel and overnight expenses.
  2. For school supplies you receive 100 € per year. As in the past, you get 100 € to put towards school supplies such as school-bags, sporting equipment and supplies for writing, painting, mathematics and handicrafts. The first instalment of 70 € will be paid on the 1st of August, the remaining instalment of 30 € on the 1st of February.
  3. Subsidies for school travel costs for school children. If the total expenses for transporting your children to and from school are not completely reimbursed (e.g. by the Federal State, county or community), you can get a subsidy to cover the difference.
  4. Appropriate assistance in learning: Your child has a claim to academic assistance and additional tutoring if, for instance, she is in danger of failing a year. The need for academic assistance must be attested to by the school teacher. The learning assistance can be organized by the school itself in its own facilities, or alternately by a private educating institute.
  5. lunch programs in schools, kindergartens and day nurseries: If your child wants to participate in the lunch program of her school, kindergarten or day nursery, you can get a grant for this as well.
  6. Subsidy for participation in social and cultural life. You can also receive a subsidy for sporting activities, cultural activities, and play groups groups for your child, e.g. lessons in a music school or the membership in a sports club. This entitles you to 10 € per month. These benefits can also be claimed for infants and babies. Parents and their children can take part in the "Prager Eltern Kind Programm" (PEKiP), attend baby swimming, baby massage, play groups or toddler groups at recognized institutions
Please come and see us, and we will help you fill in the forms!
AFI Akademie für Informatik
Allersberger Straße 56
90461 Nürnberg
Mo – Fr: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
0800 234 9 234 (freecall)
0911 / 450 1 861