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The land in which I live
(march 20-22, 2011)

At the end of March 2012, the “Hanns Seidel Foundation” in cooperation with the AFI Private Akademie für Informatik science organized a seminar called “The land in which I live”, which covered topics including politics, cultural integration, and education.

The subjects discussed in this programme were:
  - integration through education
  - introduction to Bavarian history
  - how do the Bavarian local authorities work?
  - the values of our Constitution

The director of the seminar was Prof. Hartmut Schneider, who imparted to the participants the importance of successful socio-cultural integration. Research fellows, a doctoral candidate and several professors gave informative lectures. Especially interesting was the topic “integration through education”. Doctoral candidate Silvia Dollinger gave a detailed analysis on the importance of education for integration. She talked about how tradition, family, and religion all play a major role in the education of children. The rights and obligations of parents and the importance of contact between parents and teachers were also discussed.

Mr. Peter Bauch, former research associate at the German Bundestag, gave a lecture on the values of the Constitution, and its importance in our lives. He pointed out how the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today were unheard of not long ago. This is something that we should not take for granted.

The seminar was attended by people from many countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Pakistan, and Brazil.

We would like to thank Mr.Schneider and Mrs.Brunner, the organizers of this seminar, not only for the interesting lectures, but also for the friendly atmosphere created at the picturesque Kloster Banz.

Ida Arav und Valentina Portnova
march 24, 2011 24. März 2011

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