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Children’s choir

The AFI is pleased to announce that it has become involved in a choir project! The choir is called “GOHO Kids – Der Gostenhofer Kinderchor” and began in September 2012 on the initiative of the CVJM-Gostenhof (YMCA). The principal aims of the choir are to communicate the pleasure of music, as well as social interaction in general.

For more information call: 0911 – 262032 Marlene Gruhler (CVJM musical secretary)

Concept of the children’s choir „GOHO–Kids“
starting situation

For the past several years, the CVJM Nürnberg-Gostenhof has organized a variety of musical ensembles including a trombone choir, a guitar group, trombone lessons, and music camps. In October 2011 this roster was expanded to include an early musical education program for children aged 3 to 6. We are pleased to announce that the next musical project, starting in Oktober 2012, will be a choir for children ages 6 to 10.

In Gostenhof one finds a variety of cultures. We wanted to offer a musical project that was accessible to children from diverse backgrounds, in order to reach as many children as possible. Since music has the power to communicate across cultures and social classes, a children’s choir seemed to be the ideal project.

target group

The GOHO-Kids choir is for primary school children ages 6 to 10. Our goal is to provide access to music and musical education for children in Gostenhof. The social conditions there are often difficult, with many families receiving financial support from the State. Therefore, the GOHO-Kids choir will be free of charge, in order to ensure that any child who wants to can participate. This choir is open to everyone, and we feel it will thrive on the variety of different cultures that Gostenhof has to offer.

our goals

The rehearsals will be planned in blocks of 6–8 weeks. At the end of each block of rehearsals there will be a performance at either the CVJM, the Dreieinigkeitskriche, the St. Anton parish or even at external events, e.g. the “Stadtteilfest Gostenhof”. These rehearsal/performance blocks will follow each other one after the other, and joining or leaving the choir is possible between the blocks (i.e. after the performance). This means that the children don’t have to sign up for a long period.

The GOHO-Kids choir project aims to engage children in music with all their abilities and skills. Melodies and texts will be learned in a way that is playful and fun, and our priorities are the joys of music and the self-esteem of the children. The CVJM being a Christian association, we are also committed to our Christian responsibilities: besides our musical and artistic goals, we also want to promote social skills. The feelings of accomplishment given by performing together helps to raise the self-esteem of the children, and a successful performance requires motivated teamwork and mutual respect.


The rehearsals will take place on Saturdays from 10 to 11.30 a.m. The children will learn songs, and also practice basic musical and rhythmic skills. There will be a small break which will include a short biblical inspiration.

The musical and organisational management is done by Marlene Gruhler (CVJM secretary for music, creative work and young adults). In addition we will hire a pianist to assist the choir in rehearsals and performances.

project period

The organizers have decided on a period of 18 months to build up and establish the GOHO-Kids choir. If after this period the choir is well attended and is giving regular performances, the project will be continued.

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